Embed files

With docsify 4.6 it is now possible to embed any type of file. You can embed these files as video, audio, iframes, or code blocks, and even Markdown files can even be embedded directly into the document.

For example, here embedded a Markdown file. You only need to do this:

[filename](_media/example.md ':include')

Then the content of example.md will be displayed directly here


You can check the original content for example.md.

Normally, this will compiled into a link, but in docsify, if you add :include it will be embedded.

Embedded file type

Currently, file extension are automatically recognized and embedded in different ways.

This is a supported embedding type:

  • iframe .html, .htm
  • markdown .markdown, .md
  • audio .mp3
  • video .mp4, .ogg
  • code other file extension

Of course, you can force the specified. For example, you want to Markdown file as code block embedded.

[filename](_media/example.md ':include :type=code')

You will get it


Markdown with YAML Front Matter

When using Markdown, YAML front matter will be stripped from the rendered content. The attributes cannot be used in this case.

[filename](_media/example-with-yaml.md ':include')

You will get just the content


Embedded code fragments

Sometimes you don't want to embed a whole file. Maybe because you need just a few lines but you want to compile and test the file in CI.

[filename](_media/example.js ':include :type=code :fragment=demo')

In your code file you need to surround the fragment between /// [demo] lines (before and after the fragment).
Alternatively you can use ### [demo].



Tag attribute

If you embed the file as iframe, audio and video, then you may need to set the attributes of these tags.

[cinwell website](https://cinwell.com ':include :type=iframe width=100% height=400px')

cinwell website

Did you see it? You only need to write directly. You can check MDN for these attributes.

The code block highlight

Embedding any type of source code file, you can specify the highlighted language or automatically identify.

[](_media/example.html ':include :type=code text')


How to set highlight? You can see here.