Doc helper

docsify extends Markdown syntax to make your documents more readable.

Note: For the special code syntax cases, you'd better put them within a code backticks to avoid any conflicting from configurations or emojis.

important content

Important content like:

!> **Time** is money, my friend!

is rendered as:

Time is money, my friend!

General tips

General tips like:

?> _TODO_ unit test

are rendered as:

TODO unit test

Some time we will put some other relative path to the link, you have to need to tell docsify you don't need to compile this link. For example


It will be compiled to <a href="/#/demo/">link</a> and will be loaded /demo/ Maybe you want to jump to /demo/index.html.

Now you can do that

[link](/demo/ ':ignore')

You will get <a href="/demo/">link</a>html. Do not worry, you can still set title for link.

[link](/demo/ ':ignore title')

<a href="/demo/" title="title">link</a>
[link](/demo ':target=_blank')
[link](/demo2 ':target=_self')
[link](/demo ':disabled')

Only when you both set the routerMode: 'history' and externalLinkTarget: '_self', you need add this configuration for those Cross-Origin links.

[]( ':crossorgin')

Github Task Lists

- [ ] foo
- bar
- [x] baz
- [] bam <~ not working
  - [ ] bim
  - [ ] lim
  • foo
  • bar
  • baz
  • [] bam <~ not working
    • bim
    • lim



![logo]( ':size=WIDTHxHEIGHT')
![logo]( ':size=50x100')
![logo]( ':size=100')

<!-- Support percentage -->

![logo]( ':size=10%')

logo logo logo

Customise class

![logo]( ':class=someCssClass')

Customise ID

![logo]( ':id=someCssId')

Customise ID for headings

### 你好,世界! :id=hello-world

Markdown in html tag

You need to insert a space between the html and markdown content. This is useful for rendering markdown content in the details element.

<summary>Self-assessment (Click to expand)</summary>

- Abc
- Abc

Self-assessment (Click to expand) - Abc - Abc

Or markdown content can be wrapped in html tag.

<div style='color: red'>

- listitem
- listitem
- listitem

- Abc - Abc